We are a local business division of licensed landscapers that specialize in installing synthetic turf and natural sod grass for residential and commercial spaces within the Bakersfield area. Call us to get a free estimate!


We are providing the best solution for grass and all landscaping needs. Our high-quality synthetic turf, or artificial grass, provides beauty and stability to any type of outdoor space. Give that neglected yard the makeover that it deserves and enjoy the charm of an artificial grass area.

It is truly amazing how synthetic turf can transform a landscape due to its ability to replicate the beautiful real grass found on natural environments. Not only is artificial grass excellent for residential use, but also for commercial applications.

Let our professional team design a dream landscape for your property. We guarantee that this will be a decision you will not regret. All our customers enjoy the multiple benefits that artificial turf adds to their landscape.


Versatile material – Individuals are now able to enjoy all of the beautiful qualities that modern artificial grass or faux turf has. There are so many options to choose from when designing a patio garden or yard. Property owners can select the grass color, blade length, turf density, and much more. You will definitely be pleased with the versatility of synthetic grass.

Water conservation – The savings from avoiding landscape irrigation and sprinkler repair are one of the main reasons to install artificial grass. Not only will you be grateful for the deductions on water bills, you can also be proud of preserving an essential natural resource.

Pet-friendly – Synthetic grass is a pet-friendly material. Rest assured that your furry friends will not become ill from nasty fertilizers or other chemicals that are necessary to maintain grassy areas. Artificial turf is also very easy to clean up.


Having a garden with natural grass, trees, and plants requires complete landscape maintenance, which can be difficult for property owners due to their personal commitments. Hence, individuals have to drop the idea of having a garden in their yard or, alternatively, have artificial turf installed. Most of our customers opt for the second option to save time.

Nonetheless, there are many variables that need consideration when it comes to the synthetic turf installation process. Although laying fake grass may seem like a simple task, it can actually turn into a complex endeavor for a DIY individual.

As a full landscaping company, we use sophisticated equipment for the sod installation in Bakersfield, CA. There are few machines that can dig and reach specific yard areas. Our professionals, however, make sure to flawlessly install the grass on tight access regions that are difficult to reach.


Our landscape grading contractors utilize modern leveling techniques to build professional synthetic turf environments for any type of property. No matter the size or application of your ideal landscape, our experienced staff can design and install it.

We can implement intricate elevations and grades for you to navigate through. Become the best putter on the course by installing artificial grass putting greens and give to all family members hours of fun from the privacy of your own property.

Why wait? Give our landscaping company a call today. We will be thrilled to come out to your property and give you a free, no obligation estimate. Our professional team will be able to accommodate all your artificial grass needs.



We begin each landscape project with an on-site property inspection. While determining the size and scope of the assignment, our team will provide you with a cost estimate. This is also the time to ask questions, make special requests, and learn about what our work entails.

  • Low-maintenance artificial grass with excellent durability
  • Versatile natural sod lawns that enhance outdoor spaces
  • Traditional spray sprinklers and modern drip irrigation
  • Functional yard drainage systems for areas that flood
  • Knowledgeable tree planting and transplanting services
  • Custom landscape design with great attention to detail
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Let our team of professionals design and install a unique outdoor space for your aspirational landscape.