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French Drain in Bakersfield, CA

French Drain Contractors

Water does run downhill, and it can wreak havoc on your lawn. Why? Because it takes the path of least resistance, often following the grade and contours of a property. Your yard might slope slightly in a perfect line towards one side and impact the flow of water in several directions. This is why landscape drainage systems have become an essential feature to lowering the chances that a property will be damaged by nasty overland flooding.

Often times, French drains are required when there has been standing water or a recurring moisture problem in landscaped areas. A French drain is usually composed of a small trench in the ground, surrounded by gravel and perforated plastic piping. The water that rests in the surface of this trench is diverted through the piping towards another part of the yard. Furthermore, the pipe system can be connected to a sump pump to empty the excess water into a river, pond, or underground drainage.

Do not attempt to install a drain system on your own. It is best to search for a professional now, rather than waiting until an unfortunate disaster happens. A landscape drainage contractor will be able to help you determine the best option.

Benefits of French Drains

Protects the building foundation – French drains are used in foundations to prevent water from stagnating, and instead direct it out of a building through pipes that carry it away from the property. They allow water to move between low and high points in a foundation, which keeps moisture from accumulating. The drain pipes come in layers, with an outermost layer outside the foundation floor and continuing down towards the ground.

Eliminates yard puddles – “A wet yard is a happy yard,” goes the old saying. That pro-moisture sentiment may have been true way back then, but today soggy lawns, with their patchy yellow grass, are more likely to be a reminder of an old-timer’s landscape design in Bakersfield or sloppy maintenance choices. As a result, most people with soggy lawns are chasing square one, trying to improve problematic drainage and keep stagnant water from sloshing back into neighboring properties.

Prevents lawn diseases – The last thing you want is to have the grass die out after a few weeks. A yard drainage system will be able to prevent the spread of turf diseases caused by fungus. They are recognizable by the discoloration of the leaves or lesions that run along its veins, brownish or yellow patches on the grass, and undesirable mosquito infestations.

Yard Drainage Installation

01. Excavation – The first step is digging out a space for the pipe. Excavating the ground is done by using power shovels, mini and skid steer loaders, or other heavy equipment. Occasionally, the area that needs to be excavated may be on rocky terrain, where huge rocks are not easily removed by hand tools and blasting must be used instead. The material that was excavated from the trench must be removed and brought to a dump site.

02. Drainage – The trench that was dug up must be covered with a layer of gravel. Then, the perforated pipe should be placed over the gravel that was already poured. Subsequently, the drain pipe and trench must be covered with more gravel to create a certain level of ground porosity. This will allow the fluid in the soil to fill the perforated pipe and drain through it.

03. Backfilling – Lastly, the trench must be backfilled. The process must be conducted carefully to ensure the proper compaction of the soil. To backfill a trench, our team will remove any excess dirt with a shovel. Then, they will level sand into the bottom of each section of the trench to control odor, prevent erosion and provide an ideal environment for the grass.

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