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Yard Leveling in Bakersfield, CA

Land Grading Contractors

Even in the driest of climates, water seeks the path of least resistance. If a yard is flat and does not have a sloped surface, rain and runoff will keep going downhill until it finds a low-lying area. This can cause excess water to accumulate in the ground, where it can erode the soil that gives life to your lawn or even infiltrate your home’s foundation through cracks.

Land grading involves leveling the ground so that it slopes away from your property, which keeps the soil “breathing” as intended. Maintaining a suitable yard grade will protect your residence from serious damage caused by flooding.

It is advisable to seek help from a licensed professional who will be able to solve your yard drainage problems. Our contractors are experts in this field and can address any residential or commercial landscaping issue. For each project, we utilize quality drainage products and pay close attention to details that are essential for achieving the desired results.

Reasons for Yard Grading

Gutter downspout – Roof gutters play a key role in protecting your property from water damage. These systems, along with other exterior drainage methods, help disperse water away from the foundation of your home, and allow it to drain into the ground. However, the lack of a proper slope can result in pools of water at the end of your gutter downspouts. These ponds are created when water exits from the downspouts and reroutes towards low spots of the landscape design.

Flat landscape – A soggy lawn means you have poor drainage. It is a common issue for property owners with flat lots. If water is not able to disperse down a slope, it will gather in pockets of your yard. This causes the rain to be absorbed by the ground, which turns the soil soft and almost muddy. It also blocks air from reaching the grass roots, affecting the growth of the surrounding vegetation. Over time, the standing pools of water can attract nasty odors, mosquitoes and infections.

Crawl space – When you have a crawl space under your foundation, it is important to understand the correct way of draining the water away from your property. Standing water in a crawl space can become a serious problem. It is not just humidity, excess water can cause dangerous mold growth, as well as destroy the foundation of your residence. Fortunately, a good landscape drainage system can help you prevent these issues.

Professional Lawn Leveling

If you are considering grading the yard, it is a good idea to have your land professionally assessed first. Hence, the grading process begins with a property inspection. This is a crucial step because it establishes a baseline for the yard and allows our drainage team to formulate an accurate plan for the topography.

The next step involves finding the direction of the runoff and removing soil from that area until water from the irrigation system no longer flows in that direction. The amount of work will completely depend on how much grading the yard needs, but this usually involves removing six to eight inches of topsoil across the landscape.

Once the topsoil and dirt has been rearranged, our workers will then begin grading the land to create a slope. This should result in a 2 percent minimum grade, which is marked in advanced by stakes and string lines. After grading the yard, it is important to revitalize the landscaping. The area should be restored in such a way that the vegetation meets your new goals.

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