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Lawn Irrigation in Bakersfield, CA

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Many homeowners dream of maintaining a vividly green lawn after our sod installation. However, this might be difficult to achieve without the proper irrigation. At the moment, spray and drip irrigation are the leading techniques utilized. Both of these watering methods are capable of hydrating various types of landscapes to promote vegetation growth.

Ideally, irrigation systems should only be installed by licensed technicians. This ensures that all components are assembled according to the existing local regulations. We have a proven track record of supplying the best irrigation systems.

We do not only install high quality units, but also offer exceptional customer service that guarantees a pleasant overall experience for everyone involved. Our qualified team will provide technical guidance to help you create an idyllic landscape.

Spray Sprinklers vs. Drip Irrigation

Spray sprinklers rotate constantly to simulate natural rainfall. This irrigation technique is more effective for flat, sprawling land. The obvious disadvantage is that the sprinklers only water the landscape surface. Hence, the spray can easily be disrupted by poor weather conditions. This could potentially lead to unnecessary water consumption and fungi growth.

In contrast, drip irrigation units are built with a network of tubing and emitters that target specific zones where vegetation is present. It uses a low-pressure system that slowly delivers water through a “drip.” Therefore, this method is considered environmentally friendly because it prevents overwatering.

Most irrigation devices have either spray sprinklers or drip emitters. Nonetheless, the configuration of every system will vary depending on the specific needs of each individual property. Our licensed technicians can conduct a meticulous evaluation to suggest the best option for your landscape vegetation.

Irrigation System Installation

01. Assessment – To decide what type of irrigation equipment fits your needs, our trained staff will visit your property, conduct an evaluation, and discuss your landscaping goals.

02. Estimate – After a throughout assessment, our company will recommend either spray sprinkler installation or drip irrigation and give you a detailed quote for the upcoming project.

03. Installation – Once the estimate is approved, we will assemble the agreed-upon irrigation system. Prior to delivering the unit, the technicians will conduct the necessary tests to ensure that all components are operating seamlessly.

04. Maintenance – Because most disrepairs are associated to a lack of maintenance, our company also offers optional service plans to preserve the optimal functionality of your irrigation device.

Professional System Maintenance

We conduct annual audits to evaluate if the essential components of the unit are operating properly. The technicians basically search for damaged parts, leaks, and misconfigurations. After that, they fix any minor issues encountered with a tune-up. For major sprinkler repairs, we will provide an estimate before moving forward. Lastly, our company performs a backflow test to verify that the drinking water supply is not being contaminated with the water used by the irrigation system.

Before every frost season, it is necessary to winterize the equipment. Our technicians utilize the “blow out” method to protect a unit from cold weather. The process involves shooting pressurized air into the system to remove all the water within the pipes. Sometimes, we also insulate the backflow preventer.

Once the growing season arrives, the system needs to be restarted. Our activation service usually involves inspecting the backflow preventer, initiating the valves, adjusting the sprinklers or emitters, configuring the controller, etc.

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