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Licensed Sod Installers

Sod rolls are a surefire way to create a lush green lawn quickly and easily. With the right installation, sod can renew your yard with a grass surface that is dense, healthy, and resistant to weeds and pests. Rather than fussing over patches of grass that have gone to dirt or weeds, sod renews your lawn immediately.

The best time of the year to install sod is during late summer or early autumn. While sod can be installed year-round, it grows best when temperatures are cooler but grass is still growing. If installed in the mid-summer heat, the sod may require more water. Need a sprinkler system repair? Then, call us to ensure that your irrigation equipment is operating correctly.

It is preferable to have a landscaper install the sod. There are reasons why grass fails to grow, but a professional will be able to perform a soil analysis. This will help the installer prepare the soil and choose the right kind of sod for the project. Trimming, tamping, and leveling the sod around paved surfaces may also require knowledge that DIY individuals often lack.

Benefits of Sod Lawns

Fewer irrigation – Sod is great because it creates a grass lawn virtually overnight. Because the grass in a sod strip has already been growing for several months, it requires less irrigation than grass seed, which takes longer to grow.

Reduces heat – Compared to exposed soil and rock, sod can create a cooling effect on hot summer days. Grass lawns take in solar radiation, effectively cooling the surrounding land.

Controls erosion – Sod faces a much lower risk of erosion than grass seed or exposed soil. For this reason, grading contractors favor sod usage on hills and slopes, where exposed soil would increase the risk of a mudslide and erosion.

Property value – A healthy, well landscaped lawn can increase real estate value. Sod also gives gardens a fighting shot against weeds, erosion, and other forces of decay that devalue a property.

New Lawn Installation

01. Yard assessment – Whether laying a few strips or filling out an entire property, the process of installing sod begins with an assessment. Our estimator will analyze the soil and determine the perimeter of the area that requires sod.

02. Soil preparation – The soil where the sod needs to be installed must be loosened before the grass is laid down. This involves digging into the soil, tilling, and adding organic matter to encourage growth.

03. Ground leveling – Landscapers must also level the soil before adding the sod. This is usually done with a bow rake. It also helps to further loosen the soil, allowing the grass to take root more easily.

04. Sod installation – Finally, the sod is unrolled over the prepared area, with installers taking care to line up the grass strips and work out any pockets of air between the soil. Workers also remove any wrinkles or bunched up sections of sod, and tighten the seams around patios, walkways, and paved surfaces.

Sod Maintenance Tips

Irrigation – To promote a lush, healthy lawn the sod must be properly irrigated. This means watering the newly installed sod daily unless there is rain. It is also important to avoid overwatering the sod until puddles form.

Acclimation – You will want to avoid walking over the sod for at least a few days. The grass will still be in a fragile state as it requires to take root. Applying too much weight or pressure on the surface can interfere with the acclimation process.

Mowing – You can mow the lawn after 7-10 days, or as soon as the sod grass has reached a height of three or more inches. Avoid using a heavy ride-on mower and use a bag to catch grass clippings.

Fertilization – After a month of growth, apply a starter fertilizer to the sod. This will deliver nutrients to the grass.

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