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Sprinkler System Installation in Bakersfield

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One of the most satisfying parts of the gardening season is the feeling you get when seeing the lawn lush with a spring landscape. Nonetheless, watering it manually is a chore that keeps many people from giving their yards the attention they deserve. If you have ever tried to water your lawn by hand, you know that it is a time-consuming task.

An irrigation system will not only save you time, but also help prevent your lawn from drying out or being burnt by the sun. Having a sprinkler system will allow you to enhance your landscape and create an environment for a thriving vegetation.

However, installing an irrigation device in your yard can be an overwhelming task. But, what if you did not have to make all the decisions for the installation project? That is where we come in. Our business has assembled hundredths of irrigation systems for residential and commercial properties. We are your local sprinkler installation experts, and we are here to help you out. To learn more about our irrigation units or how they can benefit your lawn, call us today!

Benefits of Spray Irrigation

Compatible with all landscapes – Any type of soil can benefit from an automatic lawn sprinkler system, as long as the water level does not get too high. Ideally, the level should never exceed 4 inches, but in rare situations the irrigation unit can handle 6 inches if soil is added to raise the water level. The equipment works best on yards with French drains because it uses a significant amount of water. Although, the system can also be installed on sandy soil where surface drainage is unnecessary.

Irrigates expansive areas – The increased water volume makes them particularly useful for individuals who cannot spend time hand watering a sprawling property. Lawn sprinklers can cover a relatively large area, making them ideal for the irrigation across an expansive landscape. The sprinkler heads are designed to evenly distribute water as a spray over a surface area greater than 6 feet in radius.

Automates manual labor – If you want an easier and more automatic way to water the plants in your garden, then it is always good to choose modern control panels with a timer for your sprinkler system. This will allow you to activate the equipment during a scheduled time. The irrigation units can be set to operate for long periods of time. This enables users to water over the course of a day, or even for multiple days. Prolonged operational times allow the sprinklers to irrigate an area deeply and thoroughly. By continually watering the soil, lost moisture can be restored during hot weather.

Lawn Irrigation Installation

01. Assessment – Before choosing the irrigation system that will be installed in your residence, various factors need to be considered. Aside from the budget, our technicians will take into account the size of the area, sod installation, and type of vegetation to determine the number of irrigation zones the equipment needs.

02. Installation – After the property assessment, we will send you a quote with details of what the irrigation project entails. Once you approve the work order, our technicians will assemble an efficient sprinkler system that meets your unique landscaping needs. Then, we will teach you how to operate and maintain the equipment for years of enjoyment.

03. Maintenance – In order for your system to remain in good conditions, it must be maintained on a regular basis. We offer a variety of optional services that will help you keep a sprinkler unit operating at peak performance levels. By choosing to have our experts inspect and conduct maintenance on your irrigation device, you can save precious time and avoid costly disrepairs.

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